beecourse_day1 019Allen Winpigler is one of Central Maryland’s most experienced beekeepers.

With over a hundred hives, he and Kim make their products including extracted honey, creamed honey, homemade honey oatmeal soap bars, and beeswax candles available at several markets throughout Frederick County, Maryland.

Early season honey from Allen’s Apiary is light and sweet. Its sources include the flowering trees such as tulip poplar, black locust, basswood and holly. Early summer honey also originates from a profusion of wildflowers. Late honey is more robust and is usually darker in color because of the goldenrod that blooms later in the summer.

Allen sells only raw extracted honey. Other than being lightly filtered, this minimally processed natural honey has characteristics that are important to the consumer. It contains the goodness of Royal Jelly, propolis and other important enzymes and anti-oxidants found only in natural, local honey, that are so important in maintaining good health and, many claim, in building immunities to allergies.

Now Selling NUCS for 2017! Supply will not last. Contact me to order. 240-409-3589

Made from our own overwintered colonies! Not made from packaged bees!


Full payment due at time of order.

  • The NUC will consist of 3 frames of brood, laid by the queen in that box, and 2 frames of resources of honey & pollen.
  • Each NUC will have a new, “marked” Italian queen. Italian bees are known to usually be on the gentle side.
  • The NUC will be in a new wooden box. Return the box or pay $30 and keep the box which will come with two covers — one is a solid cover and one has a hole for easy feeding.
  • Right now, projected date for pick-ups is between late April to mid May, but this will depend on the weather. Delivery also depends on the nucs growing to reach Allen’s high standards, so dates may vary a bit.

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Allen’s Apiary

will be offering, with the purchase of a nuc[s], for 1st and 2nd year beekeepers,

a Field Day!!

  • Will take place at one of Allen’s local bee yards.
  • Field Day will be between 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.
  • You will be looking at hive(s) that are the SAME age as the ones you are purchasing.
  • Date will be set…as Mother Nature and THE girls determine.